There has been a new computer system making its way around the tech sites lately, the Raspberry Pi.  It is a small computer about the size of a business card.  It runs Linux on an ARM processor.  It has a usb port, handles full 1080p HDMI and composite video, it has a 3.5mm audio jack, it uses an sd card for storage and will only cost about $25 dollars.  They have already shown a tech demo of one playing quake 3.   This little machine has some punch for something this size and price, it would be almost impossible to find anything with these capabilities for under 200$ right now.   It runs off of 1 watt of power and should be able to be powered by 4 AA batteries.  This is almost exactly what Ive been waiting for to implement a decent wearable computer system.  They should be out by the end of november.


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